Course Overview

About the Programme This course has been designed to help middle managers achieve improvements in productivity and performance through people whilst taking into account key topical management issues. It takes a practical approach throughout and focuses on building the necessary skills to maintain credibility at this level and be an effective leader. This seven day course is crucial for all aspiring successful managers Objectives After this management training course, delegates will: Plan, organise and manage change more effectively Develop peak performance Develop a highly committed and motivated team Be able to manage difficult issues Work more closely with colleagues and senior management

Who Should Attend

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All managers, supervisors, team leaders who manage staff through others. The programme is relevant for newly appointed middle managers and those with experience of management but with little formal training.

Course Outline

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  • The changing role of middle managers and leaders in the changing world of work
  • The need for change and why we resist it
  • How to create a leadership process and implement it in the workplace
  • Selecting the right leadership style for different management situations

Building Effective Teams

  • The importance of group dynamics to a team’s success
  • The barriers which prevent teams being effective
  • How to overcome these barriers and group effects in the workplace
  • The characteristics of high performing teams
  • How to build consensus within the team
  • How and when to involve the team in a problem solving process
  • The link between group effect and emergent leadership

Organising Yourself

  • Organising and conducting productive meetings
  • Effective personal time management
  • Taking and implementing tough decisions
  • Discovering individual needs and creating a team motivation strategy

Developing credibility as a leader

  • Building positive relationships with colleagues and senior management Practical skills that transform behaviour
  • How to rise to the challenge of leaving a strong leadership legacy you can be proud of, in every interaction and challenge
  • Speaking like a leader – with conviction, enthusiasm, passion and authority, release the full expressive and communicative potential of your voice
  • Listening and empathising – make staff feel engaged and valued in all discussions and meetings
  • Best practice systems and behaviours to prepare for and deliver difficult messages or bad news

Developing Your people

  • The manager’s role in helping people to develop to their full potential
  • How to conduct effective performance reviews through meaningful appraisals,
  • Coaching skills
  • Effective delegation and empowerment
  • How to give effective feedback; motivation to enhance performance and motivation

Managing performance

  • The Value of Performance Management

  • Objectives and target setting

  • Managing and Motivating for Individual Performance

  • Managing poor performance fairly and effectively

  • Building the organisational team and handling conflict and disciplinary problems


Managing, valuing and encouraging diversity

  • Belief Systems
  • Respecting employment rights and the Law
  • The differing categories of harassment
  • Actions you should take if harassment occurs
  • Diversity Balancing

Location, Pricing & Dates

All courses are available in-house (your preferred location) but throughout the year, we run selected courses as scheduled programmes. To view scheduled courses, please hover over dates on the calendar below.