Course Overview

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About the Programme

The New Manager training programme is a five day programme designed for supervisors, Team leaders or anyone that is new to people management.  This course is the ideal way to gain the skills that new managers require.  The new leader will return to work feeling motivated and confident to make a positive impact in their new role.  After completion of your course, you will be supplied with a personal post-course action plan to help you further develop your skills. The programme aims to create an interactive platform where participants can connect with one another and share experiences and learning for collective and personal growth and development.


At the end of the session, participants will be able to;

•     Understand the fundamentals of effective leadership

•     Identify the basic competencies required to be an effective leader

  • Develop the key people management skills to ensure success in your supervisory role.

  • Enhance the effectiveness/performance of your team and the achievement of objectives

  • Set and reach both personal and team objectives using delegation and time management skills.

  • Understand how to overcome barriers to communication.

  • Motivate, manage and lead your team and individuals to meet objectives and deliver results.

  • Help staff solve problems which lead to under-performance.

  • Handle difficult situations and people using empathy and constructive feedback.

  • Effectively supervise individuals you used to work alongside.

  • Practise the skills of assertiveness and active listening.

  • Deal more effectively and confidently with difficult behaviours and situations.

Who Should Attend

The ideal participants for the programme are new managers who have responsibility for executing operational objectives and have supervisory responsibility for other employees. New Managers with a work experience profile of between from 3 to 5 years.

Course Outline

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Fundamentals of Leadership

  • What is leadership? – Theory and perspectives
  • Understanding levels of leadership development
  • Introduction to the basic leadership competencies
  • Developing leadership self-awareness
  • Ethic and Effectiveness in Leadership
  • Power and influence in Leadership

Defining your role and responsibilities

  • What is required of you? - role and responsibilities
  • Meet new challenges and changes with confidence
  • Meet the demands of your manager and team
  • Work with your manager to achieve your goals
  • Establish your personal leadership style

People Management, Team Development and Delegation

  • Set personal and team objectives
  • Build a positive and successful team
  • Recognise strengths and develop individuals' potential
  • The process of delegation and its benefits
  • Overcome the barriers to effective delegation

Motivating the Team

  • Maximise and maintain input and motivation - build the desire for results
  • Provide recognition and feedback
  • Motivate to achieve maximum performance
  • Link individual effort to team and organisational goals

Effective Communication

  • Overcome barriers - ensure your communications get results
  • Assess and listen to your team’s needs
  • Communicate more assertively in team meetings
  • Define feedback and how to give constructive feedback

Handling People Problems and Difficult Situations

  • Deal with difficult people and situations - working towards positive conclusions
  • Supervise people you used to work alongside
  • Understand the decision-making process
  • Techniques to problem solving

Improve Team Performance

  • Prioritise and plan for yourself and others
  • Respond to poor performance
  • Develop effective strategies for yourself and your team
  • Prepare and develop a personal action plan to support your return to the workplace

Location, Pricing & Dates

All courses are available in-house (your preferred location) but throughout the year, we run selected courses as scheduled programmes. To view scheduled courses, please hover over dates on the calendar below.