Stakeholder Engagement

Getting your stakeholder relationships right gives you a better chance of achieving effective, deliverable and sustainable outcomes while avoiding a lot of unnecessary pain. Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to ensuring things get delivered across the public, private and third sectors.

This workshop focuses on the essential requirements for effective stakeholder engagement. It explores a range of practical tools and techniques for anyone
who wishes to ensure that they and their team understand who they should be working with and how, can manage their engagement effectively and can really make the most out of those relationships. It also considers the individual behaviours that underpin the most effective relationships.

This course brings the theory behind stakeholder engagement to life by applying it in a very hands-on way to the delegates’ individual case studies
and challenges. Useful tools, techniques and good practice examples are discussed to help delegates develop a practical way forward with their own issues in stakeholder engagement and partnership working.

Course Content

  • Relevance of Stakeholders Engagement
  • Laying the Groundwork for Stakeholder Engagement
  • Identifying your Stakeholders
  • Understanding your Stakeholders – Power, people and Personalities
  • Managing Stakeholder issues
  • Negotiation and Persuasion
  • Action planning


  • Understand the principles behind effective stakeholder engagement;
  • Develop a structured approach to stakeholder engagement;
  • Develop invaluable skills in stakeholder mapping and prioritisation;
  • Learn from good practice elsewhere in government;
  • Develop tactics to handle unproductive engagement;
  • Produce action plans to apply learning in practice within their team and organisation

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who feels underwhelmed or perhaps even frustrated by the limited reward for their efforts when working with others on their policy, project or other work. This could include policy officials, those whose role includes stakeholder engagement or management, or others with a perspective of HR, business planning, risk etc.

Location                          Pricing (Ex. VAT)                        Dates

Nigeria                              N145,000                                    19th - 20th May 2016

Nigeria                              N145,000                                    15th - 16th  December 2016