Our Goal

Capworth Training aims to enhance the quality of the candidate learning experience and maintain quality assurance that ensures that the delivery of all our services and training materials are of the highest standards comparable to best international practice associated with the field. 

Our Employees

All employees are required to take personal responsibility for their own activities to maintain high standards of service delivery to our clients. Vendors and External Facilitators go through a vetting process that ensures they are qualified and highly competent to deliver the training needs of our clients

Employees are provided a supportive environment, where a culture of excellence is promoted within which they are enabled to consistently deliver high quality services to our clients. Employee and Contractor roles and expectations are clearly defined, training and development opportunities are available and client feedback is actively sought. 

Our Commitment:

Capworth is committed to:

  1. Conducting a strict vetting process that ensures that all our staff and contractors adhere to our quality assurance policy.
  2. Conducting evaluation and feedback surveys at our training events to ensure that internal and external facilitators are delivering a quality service that is of a satisfactory standard to clients at all times.
  3. Regularly reviewing our training materials and services in order to maintain a high academic standard that is relevant to the industry as well as vigorous and challenging for participants.

Capworth Consulting Ltd constantly and strenuously monitors the effectiveness of our quality assurance policy. Download it here: Quality Assurance Policy (links to a pdf of the Capworth quality assurance policy)

We are committed to ‘challenging attitudes and perfecting worth’.