According to The Global Competitiveness Report 2012–2013, the outlook for the world economy is once again fragile. Global growth remains historically low for the second year running with major centres of economic activity—particularly large emerging economies and key advanced economies expected to slow in 2012–13, confirming the belief that the global economy is troubled by a slow and weak recovery.

In view of the continued deterioration of most economies, it is now critical to strengthen the capabilities of public sector managers. Our suite of courses recognise the significant challenges that the public sector will face in the near future and for years to come, and therefore our courses   addresses the skills gap that needs to be filled.  All our leadership courses and Accounting courses are designed to be relevant to the public sector, however in addition we are offering courses in policy development and implementation as well as soft skills like report writing. These courses were developed as a result of feedback from Senior Civil Servants.

The Government Knowledge team are highly experienced and together we aim to provide you with high quality service and information.