Course Overview

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About the Programme

This course is designed to equip leaders with a greater sense of self-awareness, structured approach to decision making, emotional intelligence and enhanced interpersonal communication skills in order to be more effective in working relationships. In addition organisations are increasingly expecting leaders, managers and employees to be able to gain cooperation and understanding through interacting with others in ways that promote and sell their own opinions and ideas. This five day personal effectiveness course is designed to achieve this and more.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the art of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills

  • How to appreciate and manage others’ thinking and communication styles at all levels

  • Deal with difficult people and behaviours and give constructive feedback

  • Develop sound working relationships built on trust and mutual respect

  • Increase your sphere of influence in your organisation and boost morale

  • Inspire cooperation, trust and confidence in others to achieve successful outcomes from interactions Manage your time more efficiently by utilising appropriate decision making tools

  • Build upon your current capability to make effective decisions

Who Should Attend

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Senior Leaders, Managers and Directors who wish to enhance their interpersonal communication skills and develop a greater awareness. They will learn how to increase their sphere of influence and to improve relationships positively either personally or in their place of employment.

Course Outline

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  • Understanding why the way we see the world may not be the same as others see it

  • how do others see you, and what are your patterns of thinking

  • Identifying what assertiveness is, how to be more powerful without becoming more aggressive and the skill of saying “no”


  • Building rapport through ‘matching’ and ‘mirroring’ and positive communication techniques

  • Communication techniques (verbal and nonverbal) and building rapport

  • Understanding how to develop greater tolerance and understanding to deal with differences

  • How to manage conflict: frustration and anger – and the art of giving constructive feedback

Managing your emotions

  • Personal skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Practical work throughout the course to practise the tools and interpersonal communication skills covered including the giving and receiving of constructive feedback

Influencing and Persuasion skills

  • The qualities of a successful persuader

  • Persuasion styles and the behavioural implications of different styles

  • How you perceive situations and how others may perceive you

  • Questioning techniques to understand values and build relationships

  • Listening skills and the pyramid of active listening

  • Identifying persuasion styles and how to adapt behaviours to meet the style

  • Handling difficult situations without emotions

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is emotional intelligence? What makes us think, feel and act the way we do

  • Your current levels of emotional competence and the areas you would like to handle better

  • How to change habits

  • How we take in information

  • How to change past conditioning

  • Techniques for avoiding conflict

Decision Making Techniques

  • Understanding the difference between a problem and a decision

  • Applying a structured approach to making decisions

  • Drawing upon a range of different decision making tools

  • Highlighting the risks of any decision before implementation

  • Feeling more confident in the decisions that you make

Location, Pricing & Dates

All courses are available in-house (your preferred location) but throughout the year, we run selected courses as scheduled programmes. To view scheduled courses, please hover over dates on the calendar below.