Who We Are

Capworth Training & Development has experience at delivering time critical and often highly sensitive programmes, on or below budget. Valuable international networking opportunities in a concentrated but relaxed environment are paramount for our international programmes in order to ensure information-sharing forms a rich and rewarding aspect to every programme. Capworth designs and delivers numerous creative and bespoke courses in Finance, Leadership and Management, Public Sector, Risk Management, Project Management and Customer Services. We also develop a range of courses in numerous fields to the specification of our clients. We are passionate about supporting our clients by providing value in the delivery of our services. Our goal is simply to build a professional firm focussed on challenging attitudes whilst creating value for our clients and stakeholders.

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive and practically focused range of training and development services to suit any organisation's requirements; from government and the wider public sector to larger private sector companies, SMEs as well as a host of third sector organisations. Capworth Training & Development programme services can support you in
  • The design, development, delivery and evaluation of large scale and/or complex training programmes
  • Providing the optimal blend of learning interventions to create the highest quality and most effective solution
  • Managing the risk through the application of effective project and programme management
Core principles are brought to life with the use of real-life topical case studies, practice exercises and interactive discussion to equip you with practical tools, which can be put to immediate effective use.

Our People

Our people and strategic partners are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise and continually draw on their practical experience to impart value-adding knowledge. Our team of trainers is a carefully selected and highly experienced team of training consultants who are postgraduates with qualifications and practical experience to a high standard in their respective fields.

Our Clients

We are passionate about our client. Our client liaison teams are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of communication with you from your first enquiry to your post-course departure (and beyond!) is conducted in a friendly, professional manner.

Our Quality Promise

Our Goal

Capworth Training aims to enhance the quality of the candidate learning experience and maintain quality assurance that ensures that the delivery of all our services and training materials are of the highest standards comparable to best international practice associated with the field. 

Our Employees

All employees are required to take personal responsibility for their own activities to maintain high standards of service delivery to our clients. Vendors and External Facilitators go through a vetting process that ensures they are qualified and highly competent to deliver the training needs of our clients.

Employees are provided a supportive environment, where a culture of excellence is promoted within which they are enabled to consistently deliver high quality services to our 

clients. Employee and Contractor roles and expectations are clearly defined, training and

development opportunities are available and client feedback is actively sought.

Our Commitment:

Capworth is committed to:

  • Conducting a strict vetting process that ensures that all our staff and contractors adhere to our quality assurance policy.
  • Conducting evaluation and feedback surveys at our training events to ensure that internal and external facilitators are delivering a quality service that is of a satisfactory standard to clients at all times.
  • Regularly reviewing our training materials and services in order to maintain a high academic standard that is relevant to the industry as well as vigorous and challenging for participants.

Capworth Consulting Ltd constantly and strenuously monitors the effectiveness of our quality assurance policy. Download it here: Quality Assurance Policy.  We are committed to ‘challenging attitudes and perfecting worth’.