open Programme: leadership & management

The Leadership Development Course

This five day programme designed for leaders transitioning to strategic leadership will be anchored by an experienced senior consultant.  The programme, will involve the analysis and deconstruction/dissection of organisations and personal working styles which is required to develop a fresh approach to leadership success. This is coupled with group and individual feedback, challenging exercises and practical strategy tools that are readily available in the workplace on your return.

There is a famous Chinese proverb which states: “The fish rots from the head”.  When applied to business thinking, it implies that when problems or situations arise an organisation, the onus is on those in leadership roles and such failure is due to poor management at a senior level. Recent high profile failings in banks and in the newspaper industry have shown that this maxim was never truer than it is today. An organisation’s culture and values does not come from the company vision, mission statement and values, it comes from management alignment with those things. Typically as managers step up to manage a team of managers they become more focused on strategic issues, but this can potentially leave a significant gap between themselves and the next layer down. Thus, those who manage management teams must ensure the right behaviours and processes are in place. 


After this management training course, delegates will:

  • By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Define the differences between senior management and operational management.
  • Adapt existing leadership skills into a more empowered and creative approach to leadership.
  • Develop your ability to think in visionary terms.
  • Understand the issues and dilemmas now facing organisations at a strategic level.
  • Recognise the key principles of process management.
  • Set objectives and manage performance in relation to the organisation as a whole.
  • Improve your awareness of management team issues
  • Increase your positive personal impact
  • Enhance relations and avoid 'silo mentalities and minimise politics and maximise performance

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit those new to senior management, or who wish to expand and consolidate their skills in a senior role

Course Modules

Making the Change to Senior Management

  • The challenges and opportunities facing new senior managers
  • Taking the organisational perspective
  • Changes in the business environment

Your organisation and the business environment

  • Your role in relation to your organisation’s objectives as a whole
  • Working with and understanding the power and influence of stakeholders
  • Dealing with uncertainty and complexity

Business Management

  • Working and influencing across the organisation
  • Long term business planning - taking a longer term perspective
  • Developing a broader outlook - changing mind-set

Process Management

  • Adapting and developing new skills to manage process changes
  • How to transform business processes for sustained competitive advantages
  • Understanding the fundamental differences between radical transformation and continuous improvement
  • The key principles and concepts of process transformation

Performance Management

  • A strategic view of performance management
  • Managing performance and setting objectives in relation to the organisation as a whole

People Management

  • Managing other managers: the new skills this role demands
  • Adapting existing leadership skills into a more empowered and creative approach to leadership
  • Creating an effective people management strategy
  • Directing versus managing people
  • Acquiring or refreshing your coaching skills to bring out the best in others 

Building Effective Teams 

  • The importance of group dynamics to a team’s success
  • The barriers which prevent teams being effective
  • How to overcome these barriers and group effects in the workplace
  • The characteristics of high performing teams
  • How to build consensus within the team
  • How and when to involve the team in a problem solving process
  • The link between group effect and emergent leadership.

Personal reflection and action planning

Location                          Pricing (Ex. VAT)                         Dates

Nigeria                             N275,000                                      9th – 13th March 2015

London                             £2,250                                            18th - 22nd May 2015

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