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Effective Management Skills

The move from completing your own personal tasks to managing the workload of others can often be a daunting one. In addition to managing downwards the challenge of managing upwards can often create confidence and self-esteem issues. This 4 day management training course gives a thorough overview of the new skills and techniques you will need to master in order to succeed as a New Manager.

This Management Skills for New Managers training course is aimed at recently appointed Managers. Using real world scenarios, it covers the skills required to make the adjustment from working alongside your colleagues to managing and motivating them to work for you. Skill such as assertiveness and reasoning to ensure managing upward is effective.


After this management training course, delegates will:

  • Understand the role of a manager and be able to communicate well with team members
  • Know the most efficient way to make use of their own time, and that of their team
  • Know how and when to delegate, set objectives and appraise performance
  • Be able to motivate staff, handle difficult situations and conflict effectively and confidently
  • Recognise the link between assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem
  • Deal with criticism, confrontation, anger, and negativity effectively and positively.
  • Develop techniques for better working relationships using assertiveness
  • Identify the best approach to use when voicing ideas and opinions to colleagues and especially senior managers.

Who Should Attend

This Management Skills for New Managers training course is aimed at recently appointed Managers or Current managers who have not had formal training in management

Course Modules

Managing Yourself

  • The Role of the Manager
  • How to be an effective manager
  • Action centred leadership
  • Management v. Leadership
  • Self-assessment of your style - the associated strengths and weaknesses
  • Cultural and gender based influences on your behaviour
  • Building relationships with work colleagues

Assertive, Persuasive and Positive Communication

  • Effective communication Process
  • Communication impact
  • Verbal and Non –verbal communication
  • Moving from negative to positive ways of thinking - building your self-esteem
  •  Are you saying ‘yes’ when you should be saying ‘no’?
  • The art of persuasion - getting ideas across
  • How self-esteem affects confidence and influences behaviour - using assertive language
  • Identifying ways of building self-esteem and developing confidence Communication skills

Time Management               

  • Typical procrastinators & time wasters
  • What am I here for?
  • Establishing priorities
  • The Time Management Grid
  • Principles for effective personal time management
  • Ways to make more time


  • What is delegation?
  • Do you need to delegate more?
  • The advantages of delegation
  • Why managers don’t delegate
  • What to delegate

Performance Management Appraisal

  • The manager’s role
  • The performance appraisal cycle
  • Setting objectives
  • Making objectives SMARTA


  • Some well - established theories of motivation
  • Team briefing

Handling Difficult Situations, Problems and Conflicts

  • Identifying the different types of conflict & problems
  • Conflict management styles and systematic approach to managing conflict and solving problems
  • Tackling barriers to assertiveness - recognising and dealing with fear and apprehension
  • Confronting common problems which occur in the workplace 
  • Resolving conflict - dealing with difficult people 
  • Raising sensitive issues

Assertive Techniques 

  • Taking control through positive body language 
  • Using assertive and positive language - making your message clear 
  • Giving and receiving critical feedback 
  • Persuasion skills and coping with criticism 
  • Applying assertive techniques in different workplace situations


This programme is available as an in-house programme at your preferred location

Pricing and Date

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