open Programme: Risk manangement & governance

Fundamentals of Risk Management

Everyone in the finance world needs a firm understanding of risk - especially in light of the credit crisis. Rather than adopting the traditional approach to risk training that tends to be rather academic, the IFF Fundamentals of Risk Management course is developed with the needs of practitioners in mind. The course covers the spectrum of issues in risk management and has been recently updated to reflect the impact of the credit crunch.

This course has been designed to cover fully and explain clearly the theory and practice of risk management at an introductory level, with an emphasis and focus on understanding the principles of risk management and the more complex tools used by the experts.

The programme draws upon the particular issues and problems thrown up by the credit crisis and explains the mechanics behind these scenarios and what could have been done differently to negate some of the impact.

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CFOs, managing directors, general managers, finance managers, management accountants and other finance professionals, business development managers, business planning managers, sales and marketing managers, business unit managers, management accountants, audit and risk managers, engineering and HR managers

Course Objectives  

At the end of the course each delegate will be able to: 

  • Analysing specific risk management frameworks and different types of risk
  • Building awareness of the specific risks such as credit, market and operational
  • Exploring the main risk measurement and management tools
  • Understanding how risk standards are developed
  • Identifying key criteria for implementing effective risk controls, procedures and regulatory processes

Course Content

  • An Introduction to Risk Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Market Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Analysing Other Types of Risks
  • Risk Measurement Tools
  • Use of Derivatives in Risk Management
  • Developing risk standards
  • The Legal Aspect

Location                          Pricing (Ex. VAT)                        Dates

Nigeria                              N195,000                                    14th - 16th March 2016

Nigeria                              N195,000                                    19th - 21st September 2016