open Programme: Risk manangement & governance

Corporate Governance Update

In the last few years, an increasing number of scandals have dominated the financial press in every part of the globe. Executives paying themselves vast salaries, banks being bailed out, insider trading, manipulation of LIBOR interest rates to name a few. The question is - How should firms be governed in situations like this?

In the current environment of increasing scrutiny and regulation, corporate governance is central to business success.  The Corporate Governance programme provides key insights to enhance your contribution as a board member and improve company performance.

This five-day programme goes beyond updates on regulatory compliance and best practice. By focusing on the managerial aspects of corporate governance, it empowers you to make a real impact upon your organisation. Focused on meeting challenges with practical solutions, you discover how to build a highly effective relationship between the board and top executives, and deliver value for the organisation, investors and stakeholders.

Who Should Attend

  • Executive Board Members
  • CEOs
  • CFO
  • COOs
  • Non-executive Board members plus those who serve and advise boards-whether as
  • company secretaries, senior executives or internal and external auditors.

Course Objectives  

At the end of the course each delegate will be able to: 

  • Develop the skills and insights to function as a successful board member or top executive who works with the board
  • Engage in stimulating debates and learn from others who face similar challenges
  • Enhance your understanding of the legal, economic, managerial and behavioural issues affecting corporate governance today
  • Develop the tools to address the key challenges of risk management, internal control, board balance and directors pay
  • Receive insights into the latest research and recommendations from expert faculty drawn from leading academics on the subject.
  • Facilitate the development of participants’ own plans and proposals for their personal development programmes.

Course Outline

This course provides an opportunity to catch up with the most important new developments in corporate governance that have emerged since the global financial crisis broke. This course is suitable for all sectors, and for with-profit, not-for-profit and public sector organisations.

  • Overview of Corporate Governance
  • Update on Corporate governance issues
  • Internal Control risk management
  • Board dynamics and decision making
  • Evaluating and enhancing the performance of boards


This programme is available as an in-house programme at your preferred location (Minimum Class size 10)

Pricing and Date

Contact Capworth for details. The Capworth Training team will take steps to ensure that in house programmes are run at a time that suits you.

Contact our client liaison team to discuss running this programme in house.