micro courses

Traditional week long or three day courses whilst quite enriching and provide vast amount of knowledge but  could sometimes not quite address the specific training requirements of an individual in sufficient detail and in fact often too long. Capworth is therefore combining the flexibility of micro learning with the traditional approach by designing one-day modular courses which breaks down a specific skill set into small knowledge units that can de digested in less than an hour. Each one day course will typically contain 8-10 modules.

Learning and development teams can pick specific modules and combine to make up enough modules for an in-house course. Capworth Training requires a minimum class size of 15  for this  arrangement. Please get in touch with our Client’s liaison team for details 

We are pleased to introduce micro courses created to address these specific skills gap. These intensive micro courses are time and budget friendly whilst bridging gaps in business skills.  The micro courses are formatted to be one day workshops so that cross fertilization of ideas can be encouraged and knowledge is shared but more importantly are run on an open basis throughout the year . Please peruse the calendar for details.