Leading and Managing Change and Innovation

Innovation and change are critical challenges in today’s workplace. Innovation and change can make the difference between success and failure.
The Leading Innovation & Change programme increases participants understanding of the key processes of innovation and change, and introduces strategies to overcome the challenges of introducing and sustaining them.
You will understand growth frameworks and be able to confidently apply them to your organisation, with an increased appreciation of opportunities for inculcating innovation.
You will gain insights into actions you personally can take to explore and drive growth initiatives. You will also be armed with tips and processes for encouraging innovation and releasing new ways of working with your team and organisation.


  • The context of innovation and change (political, economic, social and technological)
  • The application of change models: tools and techniques to practice.
  • The leadership of stakeholders through the change process (managing polarities during change).
  • The measurement and evaluation of the change process and the impact of change.
  • The human aspects of change and innovation

Who Should Attend

Senior Managers, Directors, Deputy directors and Top Civil servants in the public sector.

Course Modules

  • Improve decision making using a 6 step model
  • Exploring the stimulus for innovation and change management within an organization
  • Managing responses to change
  • Psychology and motivation of change
  • Determining the impact of change
  • Supporting and preparing for impending changes
  • Managing others through changes in your workplace
  • Getting buy-in; dealing with resistance
  • Managing your organisation through difficult changes
  • Becoming an ‘agent for change’
  • Measurement and evaluation of the change process and impact of change - Control loops, Risk management, Evaluating change (audit, service evaluation, research, feedback, complaints and analysis tools).
  • Determine the root cause of business problems and opportunities
  • Tools and strategies to generate innovative responses to business problems and opportunities
  • Innovation involving service user and views: Creative thinking, Horizon scanning and Strategic analysis.
  • Leadership of stakeholders through the change process:
  • The leader’s role in eliciting and incorporating the views of service users and carers.
  • Empowering others to embrace change: Motivation, Managing resistance, Reducing conflict and Enhancing team working
  • Assess your own thinking style preferences
  • Apply different types of thinking for improved analysis and problem solving
  • Develop a personal toolkit of problem-solving techniques.


This programme is available as an in-house programme at your preferred location (Minimum Class size 10)

Pricing and Date

Contact Capworth for details. The Capworth Training team will take steps to ensure that in house programmes are run at a time that suits you.

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