Effective Writing Skills for Public Officers

This workshop is for anyone in the Civil Service and wider public sector who needs to write documents, letters, e-mails and briefings that persuade both individuals and groups of readers. This need is growing now that many people have to work increasingly across different agencies and departments.

As organisations need to work more and more collaboratively with stakeholders, the need persuade others in writing has never been greater.

This workshop explains the skills, techniques and tactics that you can use to write and influence others for your desired outcome

Course Content

  • Fundamentals – Introduction to Good Writing
  • Essential Writing Skills - The basic structure
  • Persuasive writing
  • Principles of influencing
  • Employing the richness of words
  • Writing with impact
  • The power of rhetoric
  • Why do people use complex language?
  • Briefs and executive summaries
  • The finishing touches – copyediting and proofreading


  • Use a number of specific techniques to make your writing clearer and more professional
  • Use a model to get the opening and structure of every document right first time 
  • Adapt your writing style to achieve greater clarity and impact and earn the reader’s respect for your clear communication style.
  • Save time and energy – produce writing that is quicker, more effective and more enjoyable
  • Achieve your outcomes more often – and still please your reader
  • Tools and principles for writing documents that persuade
  • Techniques to influence individual and multiple readers

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone who needs to write documents, letters, e-mails and reports that persuade both individuals and groups of readers.
This course will also benefit anyone who wants to be more influential with their written communication techniques with both individuals and groups.

Location, Pricing and Date

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