Course Overview

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About the Programme

Never before in history has the customer been faced with such a wide range of choice in the marketplace. A state of constant partial attention, combined with a plethora of choice in both products, services and from whom they are consumed, means that your chances of being noticed in an ever deepening "sea of competition" are not only slim, they will continue to get slimmer in the future!

Studies show that 70% of the reason a customer will return is based upon their interaction with your staff. That means that only 30% of your ability to keep customers happy is based upon your product or service features alone.

This customer service skills seminar gives participants new insight into specific customer behavioural styles. It teaches students to address both the personal and process needs of the internal and external client. Students learn to implement easy to use customer service models for working with customers who are disgruntled and who have had service disruptions. It focuses on building internal skills communication to keep team members aware of customer concerns.

This customer service skills workshop employs practice exercises and role-plays including a benchmark to assess a participant’s current customer service skill level. It focuses on building new commitment to the organizations mission of maintaining happy clients.  

Excellent customer service is one of the keys to success in today's competitive era. This course aims to help existing and potential staff understand the importance of excellence in customer care, and organisations to improve the service they provide to customers.

This programme delivers a mix of lively instruction and group activity enabling participants to develop an insight into the importance of customer service as well as showing them how to improve their own performance.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Identify current gaps in customer service

  • Pinpoint current areas of customer service excellence

  • Gauge client behavioural style and know how to interact

  • Listen better and be able to understand client needs

  • Proactively respond to client emotions to solve problems

  • Say NO and keep clients happy

  • Prioritize workload based upon customer need

  • Increase communication skills internally to better serve clients

Who Should Attend

All frontline and Customer facing staff

Course Outline

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The value of excellent customer service

  • Understanding your customers

  • The customer experience

  • When you're the customer...

  • Who are your customers?

Delivering service excellence

  • Key elements of customer service

  • Customer service trends

  • Setting and maintaining standards

  • Creating a favourable first impression

Successful communication

  • The communication process

  • Choosing your words

  • Body language and verbal communication

  • Listening skills

  • Written communication

  • Telephone techniques

Providing information and advice

  • Presenting information

  • Acquiring information

Meeting specific needs

  • Providing an accessible service

  • Language and cultural diversity

Dealing with difficult situations

  • The causes of dissatisfaction

  • Handling complaints and resolving problems

  • Customer feedback

Boosting business

  • Using customer service to boost business

  • Improving quality

Location, Pricing & Dates

All courses are available in-house (your preferred location) but throughout the year, we run selected courses as scheduled programmes. To view scheduled courses, please hover over dates on the calendar below.