At the i3 Centre, University of Greenwich

The centre for innovation, imagination and inspiration (i3 centre) is a hub of creativity, aiming to encourage and inspire and provide original solutions to challenging issues in business and entrepreneurship. Forming part of the University of Greenwich Business School, the i3 centre is well placed to deliver workshops that prioritise learning and business issues, giving participants access to knowledgeable academics that are experienced in industry related fields. 

This year, Capworth will be running a number of short courses designed by Capworth but certified by i3 centre. This is to ensure that participants get a high quality learning experience and take away many ideas that they can quickly apply.  The i3 centre provides an exciting opportunity to learn in an environment such as Greenwich, with one of the largest university in London by student numbers, it is an internationally renowned learning hub, the university dating back to the 19th Century, and alumni including Nobel Laureates and National leaders in business and government. The i3 centre is located at Hamilton house, Greenwich London – a grade II listed building with historic and modern features and state of the art learning facilities that allow for innovation in the centre’s approach to education. 

The courses in this section are certified, monitored and quality assured by the i3 centre. They have been built specifically with professionals in mind, who wish to further develop their skills and gain valuable qualifications that will provide the edge in career progression. These intensive courses run for two weeks at a stretch, and participants will gain from the experience and expertise of Capworth facilitators as well as lecturers and business leaders from the i3 centre, Greenwich. 

Training Schedule, Pricing and Location Details.

Scheduled Certified Courses in 2016