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Advanced Risk Management - Dubai

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Course Overview

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About the Programme

This course is designed to extend your practical knowledge and understanding over the breadth and depth of financial risk management as practised by institutions in today's volatile and complex markets.  Picking up where many other courses leave off, it explores the connected nature of risk across market, credit, operational, liquidity, reputational and other risks.  In particular, it looks at the techniques and methodologies employed in risk estimation and their strengths and weaknesses including their relationship to regulation and capital. Moreover it looks at how risk is really managed (or not!) currently.


The course itself is a perfect balance of theory and practice with great emphasis on practicality and hands-on issues.  It carefully examines techniques such as value-at-risk, credit modelling, stress testing and scenarios.  It also looks at how Basel II and III impact risk and risk management, as well as risk management techniques in fund management.  Finally, it asks the question - what have we learned from the "credit crunch"?


The five days are designed to be highly interactive with examples and workshops, plus plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion with the course leader and other delegates.


Course Objectives


At the end of this course, participants will gain an in-depth practical insight into:

  • Cutting-edge market risk methodologies
  • The tools and techniques needed to measure market risk effectively
  • Successful stress and scenario testin
  • Effective liquidity risk management
  • Practical credit risk modelling and management
  • How credit derivatives can be used to manage credit risk
  • The role of capital and the relationship to other risks
  • The impact of Basel II – the latest developments in regulation and capital requirements in light of the credit crisis
  • The lessons learned from the credit crisis

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CFOs, managing directors, general managers, finance managers, management accountants and other finance professionals, business development managers, business planning managers, sales and marketing managers, business unit managers, management accountants, audit and risk managers.

Course Outline

Location, Pricing & Dates

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This programme is available as an in-house programme at the clients preferred location. (Minimum Class size 10) Contact our client liaison team to discuss running this programme in house.