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The Transformational Leadership course - Dubai

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Course Overview

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About the Programme

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with essential knowledge and comprehension for senior leaders. It prepares leaders for what lies ahead of them and illustrates what is needed to work effectively and to make the greatest difference in their organisation. It is a highly participative course, with delegates undertaking role-play, group-based working on a case study to generate information about their current project. It offers the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and sharpen their competencies through the transferal and exchange of ideas with the trainers and colleagues over a five-day period.

Course Objectives

The programme enables participants to

  • Understand the drivers and enablers of change in their own organisational environments

  • Reflect on leadership approaches and develop your political awareness for working in a range of contexts

  • Share good practice in partnership working so that participants can lead across organisational boundaries.

  • Improve your skills for leading innovation

  • Increase  knowledge of performance management and measurement to improve delivery

  • Appreciate the importance of employee engagement and implementation

  • Recognise how to network across sectors and work with others to address transformational change issues.

Who Should Attend

Senior Managers, Directors, Deputy directors and Top Civil servants in the public sector

Course Outline

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Transformational Leadership

  • Overview of transformational leadership

  • Elements of transformational leadership

  • Improving Organisational effectiveness through transformational leadership

  • Transformational leadership vs. Situational leadership

Finance for Non-Financial Managers in key financial techniques

  • Planning and controlling government expenditure:

  • Terminology and financial rules that government organisations must follow

  • Principles of resource budgeting and accounting:

  • Managing an operational budget: Common challenges and best practice

  • Effective business cases

Leading change

  • The leadership role in influencing organisational culture.

  • Shaping the organisational culture to meet business challenges.

  • The role of 'insight' in bringing about individual and organisational change.

  • Techniques for leading change internally and externally.

Communicating Positive change in Public Service

  • How a ‘difficult conversation’ fits into capability procedures as well as behavioural frameworks

  • The behavioural change needed to support service to colleagues and community

  • The role of the manager in testing times

  • Action planning for behavioural change

  • Write SMART objectives in the context of managing performance

Personal Health and Well-being

  • Identification and sources of stress in the work situation

  • Connecting different reactions to the causes of stress

  • Managing yourself when under pressure

  • Defining your personal support systems and highlight your work-life priorities

  • Appreciation and awareness of relaxation and meditation techniques

Leadership and emotional intelligence

  • The relationship between leadership and emotion

  • The essence of organisational climate

Effective strategic influencing skills

  • The characteristics of effective persuasive leaders

  • Understanding methods of persuasion

  • Profiling others

Location, Pricing & Dates

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This programme is available as an in-house programme at the clients preferred location. (Minimum Class size 10) Contact our client liaison team corporate@capworthtraining.comto discuss running this programme in house.