Advanced Policy Development and Implementation - Public Policy and Strategy

This course is about the policy process in governments and public agencies. In studying this module you will gain an understanding and be able to contribute to the process of governmental policy-making, strategic planning and evaluation.
Whether in managerial, administrative or political positions, people need to be able to understand the policy process in order to manage it or operate effectively within it. This involves both an understanding of the technical processes of policy and strategy making and of policy evaluation. The course draws on cases and examples from a wide variety of countries and institutions.

Course Content

  • The Policy Analysis Model, Data Collection and Analysis
  • Implementation – Policy Instruments and Service Provision
  • Allocating Resources and Assigning Responsibilities
  • Performance Management and Monitoring
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Making
  • Policy Networks and Policy Transfer – Policy in a Globalised World
  • Social Media and Policy Making


  • Gain a critical understanding of policy-making processes in a variety of settings
  • Have the ability to assess whether a proposed policy is likely to be successful
  • Gain the knowledge of international policy-making settings
  • Get an understanding of how some of the world’s major policy decisions were made
  • Appreciate Facility the methods of strategic management used in different types of public sector organisation.
  • Know how to take advantage of these opportunities to improve the way you conduct your policymaking
  • Provide an overview of the low-priced technologies, tools and skills needed to participate in a changing policymaking environment
  • Understand the tensions between demands for participation and the need for orderly democratic processes
  • Respond to the changing expectations around the ability to participate in policymaking processes

Who Should Attend?

This course will benefit all directorate level cadre i.e. Assistant directors, deputy directors and directors involved in the policy setting and implementation process.

Location                          Pricing (Ex. VAT)                        Dates

Nigeria                              N275,000                                    9th - 13th May 2016

Nigeria                              N275,000                                    18th - 22nd August 2016